The Company was the inspiration of Mr. Nabeel A. Kader AI Kooheji , and was registered as a practicing company on the 2nd July 2003 ,and then on the 14th September 2003 was accredited by the committee for organizing engineering professional practice (COEPP) as a’ Category A’ Architecture and Engineering Consultancy. Then on 23rd May 2005 we received approval to execute Cadastral surveys. The company has grown since then and we have gathered together a group of talented individuals with distinct areas of expertise who all share our values and ideals.

We have over five years experience in the Kingdom, and the current MD is a UK Masters degree holder with over 25 years of experience, and is associated with countless projects both here and abroad, and have at our disposal a diverse professional team of experienced and highly qualified personnel (CVs on request). We pride ourselves on commitment, integrity and our ‘can do’ attitude that enables you, the client, to concentrate on other areas of your project.


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